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Hi everyone! These are my first ever solo tumblr awards! I’m doing this for fun and because I know some of you have great blogs and just yeah because I love doing these kind of things! So, if you want to enter keep reading!


-Must be following le moi!
-Reblog this post (as usual, you can like to bookmark but it doesn’t count as an enter!)
-There will be 1 winner, and 1 runner up per category.
-Must be a fandom blog to enter. (You can be multifandom but Supernatural must be one of them!)
-Reblog until September 7th, 6:00 pm (EST) - Winners will be announced on september 15th!

♗ categories ♗

-Impala Award: Best Url

-Bunker Award: Best Theme

-Mugshot Award: Best Icon

-Salt&Burn Award: Best Posts

-Demon-Killing Knife Award: Best Sidebar

-Fake FBI ID Award: Best About Page

-Men Of Letters Award: Best Navi/Tag page 

-Pie Award: Best Multifandom

-Trenchcoat Award: Best Destiel Blog

-Samulet Award: Best Wincest Blog

-Cupid’s Arrow Award: Best Multishipper Blog

♔ Winners Prizes ♔

-A +follow (if not already following)
-A promo announcing you won
-A spot in my update tab until the 15th of november!
-Unlimited chances to ask for solo promos while you’re there!
-Graphic URL (I’m not a pro, but I’ll do my best ♥)

♕ Runner Ups Prizes ♕

-A +follow  (if not already following).
-A promo along with the winner of the same category.
-A spot in my update tabs until october the 15th!
-2 chances for solo promos while you’re there
- URL doodle! (same goes with these but, yeah ♥)

That’s all, reblog away people!! (‿◠)✌

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The Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge
snarkydean vs kiernsimon
Prompt: Smile (x)
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Ahh kieren. Still not over the ending in second season.
Really digged the first reprise, section w/e in the song Left Hand Free by alt-J. 

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Anyone want my tickets to Wales Comic Con?? And photo ops with Luke and Emmett from In The Flesh?? :) 

I can’t go anymore :(

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i really wanna know why Luke felt the need to take the picture with that banana…

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I’m so ready for pumpkin patches, hoodie season, and fall weather. 

  • a +f if not already
  • Promo when announced
  • Spot in updates tab for the month
  • Unlimited promos for winner (within reason) and 3 for runners-up
  • All my halloween candy

Good luck to everyone!

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