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So you mean to tell me that Castiel — the angel of the Lord that God sent to pull Dean’s ravaged soul from the fires of hell — will only see Demon Dean as a monster and not the Dean that he saved, killed for, and literally fell for?


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BBC Three: Give In The Flesh a third season

Guys I would love you endlessly if you could sign this petition! It only needs 158 more signatures! Even if you don’t watch the show it would mean the world to the people who are actually afraid of not getting a season 3!
And also, if you’re not watching it, I highly suggest you do, because this show is awesome!!

Update: We now reached the 1500 signatures goal! 834 to reach the next one of 2500! Spread the word guys!

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two days ago i had this deancas short dream and i had to do something about it because i couldnt get it out of my head haha

-reference used-

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“I love you.”

“I know.”

Jesus fuck those are exactly the words unsaid in this scene.

my heart aches

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Jensen, Danneel and little Princess Justice Jay Ackles !

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Took this idea from scruffydemondean!

Winners win a screenshot promo and blog compliment!


  • No anon asks
  • One guess per ask
  • Once you get one right, you win a promo!
  • Once you win a promo, you can’t guess again.


What do you think is:

  1. My favorite Supernatural finale?
  2. My favorite female (and human) character?
  3. My least favorite character? 
  4. My favorite Demon?
  5. My favorite Angel? (Not counting Cas♥)
  6. My favorite canon pairing?
  7. The episode that made me cry the most?
  8. My OTP and NOTP?(have to get both to win!)

Blacklist ‘promo game’ if you don’t wish to see these posts.

7. Already tried: Croatoan, Do You Believe In Miracles (I gave a hint: It’s in season 2, from episode 10 to 20!)

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this is who i am

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Me and Helena are such twerps that we’re talking on tumblr, and whatsapp at the same time ahahah

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