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Breaking Bad - Season 4

|Diario di un Uomo di Lettere|

Italian version translated by me of this awesome project created by Petite Madame!
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For those of you who may not know, and want to avoid ANY SPOILERS, I will use the following tags:

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Blacklist these and you should be fine!! I’m gonna use this tag until the next episode airs!

And yeah, that’s it. Have fun guys, may the calm be with you, don’t freak out too much and enjoy the show! I will join you tomorrow!!

4.15 | Death Takes a Holiday


People tha follow me know that I’m not usually like this and that I try to avoid any kind of hate/fight but I gotta say something and that’s it.

If you hate Misha or Castiel I’m begging you to tell me BECAUSE I FUCKING NEED YOU TO GET OUT OF MY FACE FOREVER.

I honestly don’t care who you are but that crap pisses me off on such a HIGH LEVEL that my head feels like exploding.

So please, if you see yourself in this and you’re following me (I wonder why though!!) could you please just hit the “unfollow” button? and yeah, even if we’re mutuals, idec, i need to get rid of these people.


This picture describes our cast all too well


You know when you think that things can’t get any worse and then they do? When they get so much worse that you can’t even publicly talk about it because no one would believe you? No? Well good. I hope it stays that way.

Anywhow… Please keep helping me with spreading the fundraiser thing. It’s only a few days left and everything just took a mindblowingly turn for the worse. If you can’t please consider leaving something nice in my ask box because I am seriously starting to think that the universe is conspiring against me. 

I think I’m gonna go keep staring at the wall now. Excuse me.

what she says: im fine
what she means: castiel and dean are meeting tonight for the first time since dean became a demon




IN THIS POST the BBC’s Tree tweet account said that if the fans show their apreciation for the show, their “recomissioner might be swayed.” So I tried to do it but I found it’s not a piece of cake, so I’m doing this post to help out others who might have the same trouble. IN THIS LINK you click in this option: Alternatively you can use our webform to send us your comments. Then you do it like in this picture:


The rest is easy, is personal information and your feedback.

I hope it help you all out and let’s do it people, let’s #SaveInTheFlesh

That’s how you do it! Great instruction!


Haunted House reactions! It was so much fun meeting them and seeing how beautiful they are in person! also featuring the-usagi-prince!

S10 Ep4 Paper Moon

Kate (Bitten S8) will be making a return appearance in a episode penned by Adam Glass. In “Paper Moon”, a recent string of werewolf attacks lead the brothers to Kate, who appears to be the culprit. Has Kate become a killer or will it be a case of mistaken identity?


A friend posted on FB what happened in Alainas M+G at Torcon. I thought it was a cute little story to share:

Oh!! And the best part!! Both Misha and Jensen totally crashed this m&g for a few seconds! We were sitting there talking to Alaina when the door opened and Misha came strolling in. He made fun of her for being boring in her m&g Lol Then the door opened wider and Jensen was standing there! He grabbed Misha around the neck and dragged him out of the room … then he came back by himself to say goodbye to Alaina It was so totally awesome!!